Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Trio Kit: Perle von Nurnberg, Echeveria Derenbergii, Echeveria Runyonii “Topsy Turvy” & Crassula Tetragona on Etsy, $35.99

Beautiful hanging terrarium with airplants

Mini Succulent Terrarium Duo Kit: Perle von Nurnberg/ Crassula Tetragona Echeveria Domingo/ Crassula Tetragona

indoor succulents - love it

living room on coffee table / Haworthia (Zebra Plant) | Light: Partial to bright | Care: Water every 3-4 weeks / indoor plants

HWTF x @makerskit DIY Sand Art Terrarium Kit $28

blue echeveria. Succulents. I'm thinking about creating a succulent/moss/rock garden.

$15 Refrigerator Magnet Terrarium: The Tillandsia air plant is an easy to care for plant that will thrive under a number of lighting conditions, including the fluorescent lights in your kitchen or office. The brushed stainless steel exterior of the terrarium makes it a great addition to even the most modern of spaces.

This DIY can really change your space for the better.

Gazebo Tabletop Terrarium - Glass Terrarium - Plant Terrarium

I have had a large glass bowl like the second for many (25?) years and have used it for flower bouquets in the past but was thinking a terrarium would be fun. I like this idea a lot. Also the bottom one for using several small pots creatively

Small Pyramid Tillandsia Terrarium by seaandasters on Etsy, $14.00


Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Set of 2 Teardrop shaped terrariums by TallPoppyGardens on etsy - These are just SO. COOL. They would look amazing on a bookshelf or mantle!

Cigar Box and succulent centerpieces | Succulent Echeveria variety guide Detroit modern wedding florist sweet ...


24 Succulents Cuttings, on Etsy

Beautiful terrariums, but at $120 and up, not the kind I made with my dad for a school project in 5th grade! Now I'm going to have to make myself a terrarium using a dollar store fish bowl :)

Terrarium Supplies: DIY Terrarium Kit | Gardener's Supply

Succulents - WOW