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    Putting Rap Lyrics On Beautiful Poetic Backgrounds Is Kind Of Funny

    she's the man, one of the few movies women can watch without being weird with intensely hot guys running around shirtless ^^^^ I NEVER feel weird. Haha

    For many years (in the late 1800′s and into the early 1900′s) in America, Pit Bulls were known as “The Nanny Dog” and were often in charge of babysitting the children. If you wanted your children kept safe, you got a Pit Bull because they are so loyal and protective

    I love these. Get me laughing every time

    So many options to photoshop onto my hairless face. Damn you Asian genes, crushing my mountain man dreams before try even began.


    Honey I love you. But if you try to talk to me while Sons of Anarchy is on... I will cut you!!!

    I love Hercules!!

    Lol, Meredith Grey has some of the best quotes



    I've sold EVERYTHING for fundraisers. Booze would be the best! From Experienced Bad Mom — Not Just a Bad Mom, But an Experienced Bad Mom

    modern family!



    Hahaha love it!

    one hour of Friends Bloopers!? pin this for a rainy day.

    It sure ain't Peter's.

    10 Drinking Games for 2 People

    If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

    Heck yes.

    The Tampocalypse is Coming.

    America...labeled by an Australian who's never been there and knows nothing about its geography

    Say when!!