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Marvel Duelling Reviews - Princess Leia #4 -  - Building up to the climax #StarWars #Marvel

glass case of emotion

Ok! This May Be My 2nd Favorite Movie Ever! Love Anchorman Ron Burgandy!!

(You know you just read that in his voice, right?)

Great zombie movie, or the greatest zombie movie? And when the zombie apocalypse comes, you WILL find me 'down the pub', or at 'The Winchester'.....but not at 'the Tavern'?

Anchorman "Bears can smell the menstruation." Gotta love Brick Tamland!

hahahhaaa too good

I love lamp


Best. Movie. Ever

Suit up!

Bunsen & Beaker as Batman & Robin artwork by Rob Hough

Hugo Weaving <3



Daryl Dixon