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The US and its geography…

Seriously though

from Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Ten: The Best Medicine…

this is really funny


The Fastest Bike

The Fastest Bike #cycling #bike #bicycle #humor #glidebikes


Best Key and Peele sketch ever…

This is my favorite YouTube video. Story time. We always say "you dun messed up Ay-Ay-Ron", when someone goofs, have ever since we saw the video. Well today my little sister (she's six) just realized that we are actually saying Aaron. So she laughs and says, "When I work with someone named Aaron, and he messes up, I'm going to walk up to him and say 'you dun messed up Ay-Ay-Ron'. Then she laughed so hard she fell on the couch. Children are amazing.

Hated playing Monopoly with my brother... :-[ He always won.


Faceswaps of children and their dolls…

Faceswaps of children and their dolls…This is the creepiest thing.....


It’s Nap Time…

omg! It's soooo wrong that I find this ridiculously funny. But seriously, when does this hit the shelves?


Ellen For President

I think Ellen should run for mayor!!