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Best Key and Peele sketch ever…

I dare you go watch this on YouTube and try not to laugh. Key and peele substitute teacher. Warning: sketchy language. Yes best youtube video ever

Someone finally said it. I've been in college for two years and have had more free time and less work than I did for 4 years of high school because of teachers like this


College then and now…

So sad and so true. People need to be a little smarter with their majors though. A 4 year degree and you don't even use it? You're dumb.

"Dude, my icepack is judging me" (Never text for a good 3 hours after getting your wisdom teeth out -- on second thought -- do, it is so entertaining): Funny Texts, Wisdom Teeth, Icepack, Giggle, Ice Pack, Autocorrect, Funny Stuff


Not sure who’s cuter, Collins or the kid..

ok so after looking at the pic and reading the first part, i thought that it was some joke about john from bbc sherlocks mustache....