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My daily commute on the 405. The sea fog is a regular appearance in the morning. It makes the 90 minute drive a bit nicer

Gifted people are still broken people. But their brokenness does not invalidate their gift - or calling. It just keep their gift from functioning as designed. Understanding identity is sooo important. Understanding yours helps you see that of others. God sees a lot differently than us.

So thankful for Amanda and her heart for true worship. Much of my passion for honest and selfless worship comes from her (and you too @steffanydawn ). Thanks to you both for your testimony of love and friendship yesterday.

Im excited to officially announce that Art of Faith is coming back! . Its my dream and passion to see the arts restored to the church and see the church become the primary sponsor and source of artistic innovation and excellence. The church used to be known this (Handel Bach Michelangelo to name a few) but today we are often known for the opposite. Art of Faith will be a platform for hosting conversations and stories inspiring creativity and fostering appreciation for artistic innovation and…

Probably gunna post pictures of Hawaii for awhile

Really inspired by @socalitybarbie lately but I was too hungry to stare at my food any longer ... Ugh.