Retouching images in Lightroom (no PS needed!)

We don’t need no stinking Photoshop – Retouching 101

Free Lightroom Presets

Enjoy 3 free lightroom presets from Pretty Presets. Optimized for Lightroom Lightroom Lightroom 6 and in the Creative Cloud. Enjoy the top lightroom presets today!

Retouch a portrait using Lightroom 4, without any Photoshop required.    Read the article:    To learn more or purchase the SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 A-Z Training DVD Guide.

In this week's Lightroom 4 Edit, we will color-correct and retouch a portrait using Lightroom without any Photoshop required.

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photoshop shortcuts from nicolesclasses -- need to print! I've taken 2 Nicole's Classes and just signed up for 3 more!

FREE Lightroom Presets.  Instant Downloads.

Build your online portfolio in 30 minutes or less: A timed breakdown that will take readers from zero to hero

Free Lightroom Presets - Nostalgic Summer Collection from Pretty Presets « Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips

The 10 Best Reasons to use Lightroom's   Adjustment Brush.  From Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics.

07. Lightroom's Adjustment Brush – The Top 10 Most Helpful Features

**LR ADJUSTMENT BRUSHES HELP - Lightroom has many features that I love. The Adjustment Brush is at the top of the list. This tool alone lets me complete many of my edits in Lightroom, with no Elements work required.