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  • Rebecca

    Having a hard time losing my Mother. It's been at least four years now and she slips away a little every day. Thank God for her wonderful moments of clarity and loving ways.

  • robinsonmassey

    Much before the actual symptoms of memory loss or other cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer Disease appear on the surface, the first symptom of this disease seems to be disrupted sleep pattern. The research was published in the journal Neurology. - See more at:

  • PSY101 Group9

    Damage or at a very old age you may be at risk to Alzheimers


    Alzheimer's Disease: When Age Isn't A Case of Mind Over Matter #alzheimers #awareness

  • Thomas Coffee

    How coffee is thought to delay the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Beta amyloid, a protein we are born with can accumulate or aggregate in the brain because it is no longer sufficiently metabolized with advancing age. Caffeine eliminates excess build up by inhibiting the production of this protein thus forcing your system to only metabolize the available protein. Check out the recent study in

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would be cool for walk to end alzheimers. It looks like the shirt we just made... Almost

My beautiful mother, poised and elegant at all times, died not able to sit up, not able to feed herself, nor hold her bladder. She was 72. She also had a genius IQ. It is how she hid it for so many years. She was embarrassed and scared of not being in control for the first time in her life. She no longer could walk, sit, or remember her only grandson.

Article on eating your way to keeping beautiful's amazing how the same foods that are the best for your body are also the best for your skin..:D

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