Poems for $.50 in a small bookstore in San Francisco. O_O Take me here, now!!!!!!!!!!!


books books books

Old book smell. This could go on several of my pinboards because books are "Homey things I <3", "Inspirational", and "Artistic Wonderfulness". I love the smell, the feel, the look of books. Books on my shelf, in my hand, on my table, on my floor. Books everywhere!

Other pinner: I'm not sure if they mean books are the perfect place to find love (love story, fall in love with the character/place/story) or if bookstores are the perfect place to find a good guy book nerd. Both work for me :)

A great idea for a library bulletin board. How many times do you get kids coming and asking for a certain book and they only know a few details about it? LIBRARY GROUP PEOPLE-WE COULD DO BOOK COLOR OF THE MONTH AND PEOPLE COULD PUT SUGGESTIONS IN A BOX

Yup. I love the book store!! Went there today and got so many books!!

Birth of a Book. Video by Glen Milner. talk about parts of a book, this really shows it

a bookstore

Parisian bookstore; j'adore


reading books within books

Bookstores need shopping carts!

Books in a book

emily giffin books

The Rory Gilmore book list. Oh, this is good.

Oh My God! Yes!!

I love my books

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World...I don't really think the chairman's quotations should be on this considering people are forced to read his work