Cade Butler, Mexico.

lifeunderthewaves: Freediving with Whalesharks Phil Symonds

Underwater museum on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

I love how buzzfeed is so sarcastic

Hidden beach - Mexico

Amazing Underwater Photography | (10 Beautiful Photos)

Riviera Maya, Mexico

skydiving (my dream)

kjeragbolten. norway

Play: I've always been the one in my family to do crazy things. Although my parents tell me they would never let me do this, in the future I want to go skydiving.

Mexico - Riviera Maya Scuba Diving photos. We went here diving! Amazing! Will definitely go back!

Diving with Dolphins. Gonna do this someday!!!by being self sufficient, you gain creativity and less money to waste,I don't like cover up of stinky assholes leaders until now saying they are acting to save lives where the real facts talk of murder, pollution, genocide and greed,

Riviera Maya, Xcaret, Mexico.

Ummmmm Sorry guys love you but find another best friend for this one. Not happening

Naica Cave of Crystals, Mexico

Dive and swim with dolphins...the day I do this, I'm pretty sure my life will be complete <3

Steps to the sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico!

Obviously cool date. The first time would be tandem with a stranger, but I don't think that should be a deterrent. This is like a once in a lifetime crazy, adrenaline-bonding experience to have before kids <3

Exploring a cenote in Mexico - photo by Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria

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