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(Open rp be the one on top, the more dominant one) It had been a hard week. My boyfriend(you) had been away visiting his family and It was a lot harder to face the college bullies without him. My mood is instantly improves however when he bursts through the door of our small apartment and kisses me hard.

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It's Time We Talk About Dane DeHaan

His kiss may actually kill you. | It's Time We Talk About Dane DeHaan

Personally, there is nothing I find sexier than a man with a brain, a heart, a sense of humor, compassion, the ability to make me laugh and the power to make me want him just by reading his written words.

That's kinda dangerous...I mean the bridge could break and you could die, Don't get me wrong they r adorable but...don't die

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OMIGOSH I DO!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo want to & wanted to baby!!!!!!!!!! You are so wonderful....truly spectacular!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! It was absolutely wonderful!!!! I miss you so f#£!~$@ much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you were in my strong arms & I was holding you tight!!! And YES you would look beautiful in it & I promise I bought it with that thought in mind!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :-*:-*:-*:-* ***

Scottish government plans to force Catholic schools to teach about gay marriage and where to get condoms -- The homosexual rights juggernaut continues to crush the rights to religious freedom of churches and individuals in the British Isles.