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Made just for you..... Binaural/ASMR... - YouTube

ASMR Soft Spoken - Binaural Sand Drawing & Sand Sounds

ASMR: An infographic on something I've always had, but didn't know what it was called! It happens with public radio, and when people read out loud to me, especially softly.


Roleplay: Makeup salon ASMR

ASMR Makeup...

~.~11 Different ASMR Triggers for You~.~ (Binaural, visual, video, audio)

10 Hours Rain and Thunder Healing Sounds for Deep Sleeping Meditation Relaxation Ambient Spa Sounds

*-* Binaural ASMR Relaxing Hair Play & Brushing *-* Ear to Ear - YouTube

Sooooo TINGLY binaural ASMR makeup roleplay from Olivia's Kissper ASMR

~}{~ Relaxing/ASMR 3Dsound Haircut ~}{~

10 Yoga Poses To Heal Migraines - after 5 days of a migraine and using the same medication to try to help it with no results I went searching for some new options and found this! After two times through it my migraine feels much better. :)

Dosage Information: How to take cannabis oil http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/dosage.html

{♡_♡} Hypnotic Sounds & Visuals of Crayons (ASMR Soft Spoken)

Binaural ASMR - by Heather Feather

What is ASMR? 30 different BINAURAL triggers to find yours!

binaural/3d sounds trigger asmr vid

WOW, this sounds like your hair is being TOUCHED! Binaural ASMR hair play, brushing and massage

Evidently, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) helps some people with sleep. 130211_CBOX_ASMR