Saddle with wings

Animo, These look like they would stick to the saddle nicely!

Can a well-trained show jumper…hold a bit in its mouth…and successfully clear all jumps and finish the course in the allotted time…without a head stall..? WOW!!! - leather bit too!

Side saddle. NBD.

Hermes Saddle

A Hermes saddle.

Hermes Saddle

Leopard Saddle Hermes Paris

Investment saddle?: The one and only Hermes saddle

Circle S Roping Saddle - #6605


treed vs treeless saddles (and this English one is stunning!)

Aussie saddle with bow scabbard

Side Saddle Clydesdale

Hermes horse photos; Koto Bolofo

I miss having my own horse to go saddle up and ride whenever I want

I have wanted a saddle like this since I was about four years old, and DID have my own saddle, and horse. But, that was in Laredo, Texas.

Hermes Saddle

Hermes saddle

16 inch Micro Suede Snakeskin design saddle by Blue River Saddles