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11 Ways You’re Forcing Him to Run


"I finally figured out my body type. Its hourglass with extra minutes." Love yourself for who you are!

shades of grey babies humor

Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions! If you like the captions of this post – Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions, and other photos & images on this website,.

oh so glad there is an e-card to remind me of this.....

i truly dont think this will ever happen. at ANY point in your life your going to think at a certain age youd have your shit together. what is "having your shit together" anyways. fuck it.

sometimes I think I do this by accident...other times, I'm convinced I've had it done to me...

Humor) 'I've been blabbering the whole time and I get the feeling you're going to start talking so let me let you go'

Blast that muffin top fat with these 8 exercises that actually work!  #muffintop #blastfat #weightloss

8 Exercises to Reduce Muffin Top Fat

This ecard real talks.my pretty shirts totally make me a cupcake not a muffin.

So freakin true! Here it is @Julie Pulliam

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol

I Have PMS and GPS.

I have PMS & GPS, which means I am a bitch and I will find you. Haha I laughed so hard