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  • Melody Irene

    My heart goes out to all service dogs :)

  • Kurt Schneckloth

    Awesome dog - Win Picture. Amazing dog.

  • Lisa Abernathy

    This is why it's so frustrating to CCI people that anyone can purchase a service dog vest on the internet. This is so NOT a pet, this is a true working dog!!! And a best friend and a way of life for those in need.

  • Hannah Sørensen

    This is why dogs are the best animal. Could your cat do even one of these?

  • Hana U

    The many ways a service dog helps his owner - Great pictures. So sweet. Dogs are the greatest animals on earth:)

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He even has his own ID Buster would have been great at this

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Aw, thats so sad that he lost sight, but its sweet that he has his own little seeing eye dog

Air Force K-9 dog… Seriously? How could you not pet??

This dog is special…

Dogs are surprisingly good psychologists…

Dog warns parents that dirtbag babysitter was abusing child. Dogs are truly a man's/woman's best friend :)