I'm Fine, Thanks

Released October 25, 2012
7.4 /10 by IMDb users


Grant Peelle


Adam Baker , Joe Commodore , Yvette Commodore , John Cropper , M.J. Demarco

  • Paul Coman

    I'm Fine, Thanks - Why do so many people settle for mediocrity in their everyday life at the expense of a greater passion.

  • Norene Griffin

    Im Fine, Thanks (2012) Poster

  • Rami Arafat

    Indie film: "I'm Fine, Thanks"

  • Ted Hope

    I'm Fine, Thanks, directed by Grant Peelle. How can I not want to see a film where the makers call themselves a "band of filmmakers"? This crowd funded film on the stories of every day people who’ve given up their dreams and settled into a complacent lifestyle is high on my To Watch list.

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