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Im Fine, Thanks (2012) Poster

minimal movie poster

Sacred geometry

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books ever. I still remember my mother reading it to me and playing out a very grumpy sounding max.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

INTJ's do not have this problem. It seems to always be the brain overanalyzing. Brain vs. Heart

The Best of the Book Lists 2012.

Takahiko Hayashi ~ D-28, 2012 (painting, collage on paper)

Joan Walsh Anglund was born in 1926 and is still living, which makes her 86 in 2012! What a beautiful lady.


مرغ ملکوتی، ظرف سفالی کاشان، نقاشی زیرلعابی، 1150-1220 میلادی ارتفاع 30 سانتیمتر A large Kashan underglaze-painted moulded pottery Persia, AD 1150-1220 standing on two legs on a flat rectangular base, with puffed chest, curved wings tapering behind and joining the base, the finely moulded 'moon' face with delineated eyelid and eye, curved brows and bow lips, the headress peaking to a point over a bobbed hairstyle and draping under the chin, decorated in turquoise glaze to wings and headress ...

one small cosmos

The Empress #tarot

Big Crow and Little Crow

'bon appetit' little red

Amyisla illustration