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That looks good.

Happiness is splashing my feet in the water on a hot summer day!

the sound of silence.

This reminds me of God putting His hand in the water of my life and creating a ripple effect! You don't see what ripple in your life is coming next but its coming! With God all things are good:)!


I was going to say "who on earth gets that much paint on their hands" . Then I looked at my own hand. I get that much paint on my hands.

water reflections

❂ "I’m very much about the sensual experience. That’s what touches me. How light hits water. How it feels to touch velvet. How it feels to touch a piece of metal that is polished to perfection." I David Yurman

Un día entiendes que la vida no te negó nada... te salvó de lo que no necesitabas.

Un día entiendes que la vida no te negó nada... te salvó de lo que no necesitabas.


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barefoot dancing in the rain is possibly the most beautiful a girl can ever look.

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A sun filled day, without a watch, no where to go with the thing to do was counting clouds while lying peacefully in a field. Ah, then a nap! Now that's a day dream!

climbing trees

Climbing trees was one of my favorite things when I was a kid. There are lots of trees in my secret garden to climb.

feeling comfortable and happy alone <3

I love the way this photo makes you feel at peace, cozy, and content. Article: Good morning, We were finally was able to watch the sunrise outside on the deck. So beautiful and peaceful.