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    • Jean Green

      Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, Washington recently welcomed a rescued baby Virginia Opossum. Hand-raised, the tame animal will join the park's Animal Trailside Encounters team, which allows visitors to get up close and personal with local wildlife handled by a trained keeper.  The Virginia Opossum is the only North American marsupi

    • Chantal Buslot

      Punish South Beach Pizza Company Owner For Ordering Employees to Destroy Baby Opossum With Bleach!

    • K. Fairbanks

      June 2015 - North Carolina, USA / Five boys, ages 12 /13, torture animal as she is giving birth, some of the babies died, witnesses said boys acted as though they enjoyed the abuse / After the boys beat the mother opossum with sticks and a brick, she gave birth and then the boys poured lighter fluid on the defenseless animal and set the entire family on fire. / Read more here:

    • Judy Engelbrecht

      Baby Opossum Close-up at Northwest Trek...SURPRISE! An opposum can be CUTE!

    • Amanda Sircy

      Baby Opossums are so adorable. I miss working with them :(

    • Tammy Robertson

      Baby Opossum Close-up at Northwest Trek via ZooBorns

    • Tina Bs

      baby possums | We likes us some baby possum.....

    • Ayla Stein

      Orphan Opossum Finds a Home!

    • Katie Walton

      looove opossum babies!

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