Kids have difficulty remembering the correct forms of irregular and participle forms of irregular verbs. My ready to print chart and tips are helpful reminders!

Irregular verbs lists

What was that rule about “i” before “e”? Don’t second-guess! Keep this handy spelling rules sheet in the same area your child does his homework.

Infinitive, Present Participle, Past and Past Participle - Grammar Lesson: Irregular Verbs |

English irregular verbs

Alternatives to Traditional Homework

Irregular verbs

Worksheets: Grammar Time: Irregular Verbs

Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Book Mosaic Project FREEBIE. This Book Mosaic Project is an excellent culminating activity or summative assessment for when students finish reading books. My Talented and Gifted kids are going to LOVE this!


copy this and put in homework folder


Worksheets: Irregular Verbs Worksheet

FREE Verb Practice

Irregular verbs

Strong Verbs

Syllables rule chart and ready to print student worksheets help kids decode and pronounce words! priced item

Chart of 12 Verb Tenses and their usages. This one for verb wall

Nice list of synonyms for "sagen". Very helpful because the verbs are categorized by context/situation.