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    Alexis Shapiro from Texas was diagnosed with a #craniopharyngioma at aged 10. Today, she is 12 & has developed hypothalamic obesity. Her family wants her to undergo a gastric bypass operation to potentially save her life. Here is her mom's appeal for financial support after her case was turned by insurance company: . News here: (Also on other news sites)

    • Kristi Kulik

      Let's help this girl out!!! Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $20,887 raised by 537 people in 5 months.

    • Sydney

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $17,272 raised by 451 people in 5 months. Amazing story and amazing girl. Lets help her reach her goal, and get that surgery!

    • Jessica Blanks

      This girl has a life threatening condition that is causing her to eat herself to death as a result of a surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. The military won't pay for the only thing that might save her - gastric bypass surgery - because she's under 18. Please donate so her family can pay for this surgery on their own. Thank you!

    • Sherry Morris

      When I donated earlier today it was at roughly $3,000 look at the total now. Let's get this family the finances they need to get their lil girl help. Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe

    • Sarah Watts

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $50,236 raised by 1,165 people in 5 months.Wow so amazing this girls story!

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