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    • Jessica Blanks

      This girl has a life threatening condition that is causing her to eat herself to death as a result of a surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. The military won't pay for the only thing that might save her - gastric bypass surgery - because she's under 18. Please donate so her family can pay for this surgery on their own. Thank you!

    • Kristi Kulik

      Let's help this girl out!!! Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $20,887 raised by 537 people in 5 months.

    • Tara Beeman

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $29,042 raised by 623 people in 5 months.

    • Jill Zapp Patty

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $13,000 raised by 302 people in 5 months.

    • Brooke Ross

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $10,975 raised by 255 people in 5 months. The link below goes to a story on nbc news.

    • Sydney

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $17,272 raised by 451 people in 5 months. Amazing story and amazing girl. Lets help her reach her goal, and get that surgery!

    • Charm Ping

      Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $86,857 raised by 2,125 people in 11 months.

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