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  • Jessica Blanks

    This girl has a life threatening condition that is causing her to eat herself to death as a result of a surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. The military won't pay for the only thing that might save her - gastric bypass surgery - because she's under 18. Please donate so her family can pay for this surgery on their own. Thank you!

  • Kristi Kulik

    Let's help this girl out!!! Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $20,887 raised by 537 people in 5 months.

  • Tara Beeman

    Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $29,042 raised by 623 people in 5 months.

  • Jill Zapp Patty

    Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $13,000 raised by 302 people in 5 months.

  • Brooke Ross

    Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $10,975 raised by 255 people in 5 months. The link below goes to a story on nbc news.

  • Sydney

    Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $17,272 raised by 451 people in 5 months. Amazing story and amazing girl. Lets help her reach her goal, and get that surgery!

  • Charm Ping

    Hope for Alexis on GoFundMe - $86,857 raised by 2,125 people in 11 months.

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Please please go donate whatever you can even $5 to help this sweet girl and her family out! Just think of how quickly we can reach this goal if everyone who sees this just donated what they would pay for their cup of coffee tomorrow! Aiding Aida on GoFundMe

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