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Kruger National Park, South Africa

color pattern combo

Just thought of an idea: it would be a nice tradition to change the usual photos and art on your wall to christmas photos and art around christmas.


Why Can't Emus Fly? Ratites have wings but the bones in their chests do not have the capacity for flight muscles, which is what a bird needs to fly. Although the emu does not actually weigh as much as it appears (30-45kg), its wings are also too small by comparison to lift it.

Probably one of my favorite animals on earth. Before our zoos would create habitats, my baby sister couldn't bear to go into the "big cats" house at the zoo — couldn't stand to see them pacing in those tight spaces; it just broke her heart. I don't see why we have to capture them at all, especially now with the hidden video cam technology that enables us to view them in their natural habitat.

Winter sheep

Mother & Baby love in Black and White




Expedition Africa




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