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Not exactly inspiration, but hell yeah its funny! I do keep opinions to myself LOL

Funny pictures about Money can't buy me happiness. Oh, and cool pics about Money can't buy me happiness. Also, Money can't buy me happiness.

totally did this yesterday lol

Story of my life. My sister, mom, and I love target lol

I don't need 'Anger Management' classes, You need 'Shut The Fuck Up' classes.

I don't need anger management classes. You need shut the fuck up classes. Lol, that's it

Press 1 for English.  Enter your 16-digit card number that the customer service representative will ask you for again.

My experience with "customer service" every time.There should be a law requiring insurance companies to answer the phone this way.

Sadly this is my montra during too many weekends....

If it requires pants and/or a bra, it's not happening today.yep that's me on most Sundays!


{Oz Love}: "Over the Rainbow" Character Study

WIZARD OF OZ: The ultimate chick flick - two women trying to kill each other over shoes. My kind of movie !

sometimes I think I do this by accident...other times, I'm convinced I've had it done to me...

Humor) 'I've been blabbering the whole time and I get the feeling you're going to start talking so let me let you go'

im lazy and i know it....

That moment in life when you have so much to do you decide you 're not going to do any of it.