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Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane Reader : Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, Spot? See Dick? Oh Jane! See Sally run.

Grandfather Clock from Capt. Kangaroo

Grandfather Clock from Captain Kangaroo. Flash from the past. Do you remember this clock on Captain Kangaroo?

Flash cubes ... Mom, "say cheese," - "oh wait, I forgot to turn the flash, say cheese again."

Flashcubes - You slid a lever to spin the flash after EACH picture. 4 flashes on each bulb then that was it, you had to pop in another flash cube. No cube? No flash! I can still remember the smell they made after you flashed one.

Good memories of 1st grade & Mrs. Friedman, my favorite teacher..{GM}

Dick and Jane - Boy have things change since I began "formal reading education" with Dick and Jane in

stereo set

LP's and I think we had this exact same stereo/record player in my house when I was growing up. My mom would come home with old (when the jukebox man would change the records at work & give her the old ones) and I'd play them on this.

Primer. Dick and Jane readers were how children learned to read.

Learned to read from this book. Loved Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot, and Puff. Both our kids learned to read from them too!

Good old Dippity-do

"Dippity-do" (hair styling gel) I remember this ~This stuff worked and was great when using those old sponge rollers!

How did you fall in love with reading?

Dick and Jane. LOVED those books. That was our first readers in first grade. They were little blue soft bound books. I got Dick and Jane books for my grand kids.