Two large garbage bags + painter's tape + a bunch of balloons = birthday morning balloon avalanche

I love this idea... but instead of a note I would have a letter inside each balloon. Then the kiddos have to use the letters to spell whatever phrase. Like I LOVE YOU or something fun!

Tape off a canvas and let your kids paint away then gently remove the tape, seal it and you have awesome artwork to cherish forever!

Stocking a kid pantry is easy to do with bags of portioned cereal, granola bars, applesauce, juice and other snacks that are perfect for grab and go!

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Get a shower curtain from Dollar Tree and we use cheap tape to make a Tic Tac Toe grid. Set 6 frisbees out and have the kids stand behind a line and see who had the best aim! -->LOVE THIS!

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