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David Tennant. Because do you really need a reason to repin David Tennant? That if-only-all-life-were-as-simple-and-beautiful-as-this-thing-Im-looking-at face.

dr who images to print | Doctor colouring pictures / Doctor colouring pictures printable

Epic Doctor Who official coloring page!

"He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures. And runs a lot. Seriously, there's an outrageous amount of running involved," -Donna

The Official Doctor Who Aging Timeline Anyone notice a somewhat reasonable pattern of similarities between the new doc and the prev doc?

Here's some awesome and inspirational Doctor Who fan art to brighten your day. And there's tons more like this on the Official Doctor Who Tumblr. Watch the all new season premiere of Doctor....

Love this! can this be a time honored tradition if he did this during the end of the world?

Omg Spock and the Doctor.... Wait... Doctor Spock.... DOCTOR Spock.... O.o Mind officially blown......

My kids will LOVE me. Doctor Who printable fun pack with 20+ pages, free through June 16th.

POLL-Even if you haven't seen any Classic Who, you've gotta have a favourite classic Doctor. I mean, just from this picture :P Who is everyone's favourite CLASSIC WHO Doctor? I like Four