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From beginning to end - one gardener's straw bale garden experiment. Lots of photos.

So you're not ready to commit to a permanent raised bed, but you need spring growing space ASAP? Check out this great straw bale #raisedbed from the folks at Bonnie Plants. It goes together in minutes and will last all season long. Then when you're finished, you can #compost what's left at the end of the season!

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Growing a Straw Bale Garden

straw bale gardens


Straw Bale Garden Update Late July

Straw Bale Gardening - Where did the bales go?

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Straw Bale Gardening, great in all climates from the Arctic to the Caribbean islands!

Straw Bale & Glass Cold Frame - To keep growing in winter weather, consider this low cost clever idea. Insulate your garden with straw or hay bales & cover with glass (in this case old sliding doors) to retain heat. Some ventilation during warmer days would be necessary. Also a pest + animal deterrent. Caution around kids though! | The Micro Gardener

Straw Bale Garden- I'd like to combine this with my raised bed plans. It would save a lot on soil, and next year the planters would be full of compost

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Growing a Straw Bale Garden

Growing a Straw Bale Garden - I know an older couple, with in gentleman in poor health, that did this last year. It worked nice for most of what they planted. The leftover seeds in straw sprouted but the wife just cut the "grass" off with shears so it didn't compete with the tomatoes, etc. There was something that did not grow well but I can't remember what she said.

Raised Garden Beds made from Straw Bales | BYGL MEDIA MANAGER