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Build a Secret Closet Door for $200 or Less

How to build a secret closet door for $200.00 or less. Use this hidden closet as a safe room or place to store valuables.

Laundry Basket Dresser (with shelves)

This just gives me the idea of how nice it would be to have some sort of way to store each family member's laundry. Nothing else about it is too appealing. But this is a pretty compact way to do something like that.

Expandable formal dining table that seats ten and fits in a closet

Expandable Table from Instructables - I may take a weekend out here to build it. We need a summer stowable for parties!

My Hall Wall

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After School Routine Clock

After School Routine Clock - BUT this could be altered for a whole daycare day routine! What a great way for kids to begin to understand time.

Under the sea... into the kitchen. This is an unlikely kitchen floor mat but conveys just how unique floor mats can be.