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.And sometimes the air conditioner doesn't work so it is literally HELL..

Air-conditioning at work is hell for me. freezes me and I hate to be cold!

This literally made me laugh out loud..

I should make a business sized card with this on it to hand out

One of the best Wonka memes yet!

Oh, you use chopsticks at panda express? you must be very cultured Condescending Wonka

@Jess Schiller what did I tell you the other day.? Expect I'm not grumpy during just before.. Haha

Sometimes I hate being a girl

Funny pictures about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Oh, and cool pics about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Also, Sometimes I hate being a girl.

at dawn we ride kid

At Dawn We Ride: picture brought to you by evil milk funny pics. Image related to At Dawn We Ride


Will Ferrel Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last second to do my work, because i will be older therefore wiser then, True wisdom.

Willy Wonka humour

Willy Wonka Bitch!!!