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the Viktor bike by Schindelhauer :: fixed-gear bike with Carbon Drive belt system (light and simple construction, low maintenance... Not for San Francisco but mostly just fine as a city bike : )

California Bike Accident Lawyer Reeves Law Group

couldn't decide where to pin this....Bicycle-ing makes more sense, but it was the car that caught my eye #mechanicsdaughter #mechanicsgranddaughter

Single Speed Bike Gallery | Fixed Gear Bikes | Custom Bicycle made easy | Single Speed Bikes For Sale | Fixies and cruiser bicycles from Big...


40 Rad Bike Gadgets to Rock Your Ride

Mopha Tool Roll ($44): This little roll keeps all of your tools organized and on your bike at all times.

ZooZee Pro MTB is an innovation full-suspension mountain bike that won the award for 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition.