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Roll of Kings of England to Edward III ~ Genealogy of William the Conqueror (England, 1308.)

Exponential Pedigree Chart Growth

Timeline of the British Monarchs from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II. This is an enormous timeline of the British Monarchs from 1066 to the present day. The dates of the reigns of each monarch are included with each name and photo. Additional individuals are on the timeline as necessary to show how the line of succession reached a particular monarch.

A Bartram Genealogy Club member shows off the family tree his father created on the back of a roll-up window shade. Ingenious!

Peacock Pedigree (1626) Just look at all the heraldry! Post-period, but too cool not to include.

Lancastrian Rose -- Coram Rege Roll of Henry VII. The roll records court proceedings that were supposed to be carried out before the king in person (coram rege), although that was rarely true. The rolls often include a portrait of the monarch as if to suggest this presence but here the red rose of Lancaster stands in for King Henry VII, 1500

Detail from a genealogical roll recording the Norman ancestry of William the Conqueror, 14th century.

Pedigree chart of Queen Elizabeth I - c. 1590

Dering Roll, c. 1270-1280. The Dering Roll is the oldest English roll of arms surviving in its original form. It was made between 1270 and 1280 and contains the coat of arms of 324 knights, starting with two illegitimate children of King John.

Wonky alphabet. - Used 4 letters 5/5/12. This alphabet is why modern quilting is so great! Mess up part of a letter, just redraw the next part; it's wonky anyway! Definitely going to use these again. Next up: Swim Bike Run.

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