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Pixar’s Rules Of writing - GREAT advice for any one taking a creative writing class or for someone trying to beat writer's block.

Use this Storytelling Arc handout with ANY short story, novel, or play. Click now for this FREE worksheet!

How Clouds Work by danmeth, via Flickr

together, whereas condensin forms rings that coil the chromosomes into highly compact forms. The mitotic spindle also begins to develop during prophase. As the cell's two centrosomes move toward opposite poles, microtubules gradually assemble between them, forming the network that will later pull the

Have to save this for the kids when they are old enough to write papers...haha.

Zentangle Pattern Gallery | zentangle pattern directions - a gallery on Flickr

This worksheet asks students to match nine different transformations of a function f(x) whose graph is given with their corresponding graphs. The t...

Critical thinking skills. A great list of terms to remember when planning or designing activities.

Feeding adaptations in beaks. When identifying a mystery bird, the shape of the beak will tell you a lot about it’s lifestyle. Looking at the conformation of the body and the shape of the wings will also give a good indication as to what that bird has evolved to do (catch fish / bugs etc).

Rembrandt Peale, portrait of her daughter by flight404. Tutorial here:

www.creativeappli... CAN Kinect Physics Tutorial by Amnon Owed. Kinect Physics Tutorial for CreativeApplicati... Kinect and Processing

Boids model. This basic emergent behavior model has evolved to the point that it is responsible for much of the forest and wildlife effects in "Avatar." But even in its most basic form, I still find it hypnotizing.