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Jonathan Corum, "Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow" (style.org)

Build a Hexaflexagon by thinkthings.org: Flexagons are polygons which change faces when they are flexed. Here is a pattern to print and fold! #Hexaflexagon #Geometry #Math #thinkthings_org

Use this Storytelling Arc handout with ANY short story, novel, or play. Click now for this FREE worksheet!

Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling…. a list of writing tips. Good for a creative writing class.

Drawing of chromosomes during mitosis by Walther Flemming, circa 1880


Literary Devices. INCIDENTAL COMICS: "Thanks to all my high school English teachers for providing the deeply ingrained knowledge behind this comic." http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2011/11/literary-devices.html

This useful chart can be used to show students the difference between showing details in their writing and telling about something. It lists examp...

Intro activity to graphing by transformations

The Ultimate List of Educational Websites

How Clouds Work

Rembrandt Peale, portrait of her daughter by flight404. Tutorial here: http://libcinder.org/docs/v0.8.4/hello_cinder.html

Derivative TouchDesigner 077

Mimeisthai - A Spoken-Word Generative Trending Installation http://www.theophane.co.uk/mimeisthai-a-spoken-word-generative-trending#

Bait ball by flight404. Made with Cinder. Tutorial on "Flocking Simulation" here: http://libcinder.org/docs/v0.8.4/hello_cinder.html

Face Substitution by Kyle McDonald. Working on an idea with Arturo Castro

Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model (1986)

LED Cube and Volumetric Display

Kinect RGB+Depth Filmmaking [openFrameworks]