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this is another one of those "not really funny" things, but I laugh at it every time. Every freakin' time!

NoWayGirlfrom NoWayGirl

There are no words for this America

Sometimes you just need six hunnit and fiddy dollas.


Who did this?

Hahahahahaha lmfao


Getting a drivers license should be fun.

This is the best thing I have ever seen: Giggle, Guy, Funny Pictures, Drivers License, Driver'S License, Funny Stuff, License Photo

Haha! So true! I was going to tag some friends in this one - but thought perhaps the close friend would think I was calling her a whore and the whore would think we were close friends... oh drama's lol


Having an affair?

I absolutely hate adultery. I very rarely find it funny, but this? This is HILARIOUS!

2 men go through simulated labor. haha excuse the bad language...but seriously...this is pretty accurate...


You see the weirdest things…


BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: Cow Photobombs Horse

Everything about this picture makes me laugh.