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  • Nicki Harvey

    melting ice: ice in water, ice in sugar, ice in salt, just ice. Science fair project for next year!

  • Billie Nichols

    Great Science Center #Recipe #hair Please Repin

  • Ashley Fermin

    Melting Ice Experiment -science fair?

  • Sara Crowhurst

    Ice Melting Experiment- Great science fair project with my class!

  • Kimberly Mathews

    Simple science project for kids - Ice Melting Experiment

  • Little Learners

    Touch, Feel, Learn ~ Melting Ice Its time to explore the world around us and have some fun melting ice. We recently had a storm that brought a mixture of snow and freezing rain, so snowplows were out putting chemicals on the roads. Aiden asked me what they were spreading and why. I explained that it was chemicals/salt that helped the ice and snow melt faster. To demonstrate we decided to do a little experiment to see if we could melt ice faster using some kitchen items. You’ll Need: four small containers ice cubes water salt sugar paper and pen We started labeling the containers our ice cubes were in and what we were putting on them. Aiden then predicted which ice cube would melt the fastest and how long it would take. He thought it would take 20 minutes and the plain ice cube would melt the fastest. We set the timer and waited to see what would happened. Note: Be careful leaving your experiment unsupervised as a cat might sample the water/ice. . After 20 minutes we discovered that the ice cube in water and the ice cube covered in salt were melting the fastest.

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