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  • Just Kat

    natalie portman - love the "stop wars" t shirt

  • Tara Kurucz

    Some people... Natalie Portman was IN Star Wars.

  • GuillermoDarán®

    Original Stop Wars T-Shirt - Anti-war t-shirts promoting peace set in the iconic "Star Wars" font and theme. An American Apparel shirts, sweatshop free and 100% cotton. #StopWars #antiwar #StarWars #AmericanApparel #NataliePortman Visit:

  • Britny Fawcett

    1. The picture of that stupid hipster chick in a starwars shirt need to stop, she probably hasn't even seen the movies. person 2. this shirt? it says stop wars, and I hope you are joking, since that is Natalie Portman. Not only has she seen them, she was in them. Obviously the 1st person hasn't what an idiot! Dumbasses.

  • Natalie Clark

    Hipster chick and my absolute girl crush ;)

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