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Yantra - Tantric Drawing

Anonymous tantric painting, Shiva Linga, 1979, Jaipur

Yantra - Tantric Drawing by Iliazd, via Flickr

Paul Klee’s poetic drawings and watercolours show a highly personal world. His works, some of which resemble children’s drawings, are usually composed of fine lines and transparent colours. This work, which he made at the end of his life, has a thicker layer of paint. Klee has used a self-made distemper to paint two (or three?) figures ‘with peculiar heads’.

ALINA MAKSIMENKO, LADY by Artexpo, via Flickr

Kali Yantra. For thousands of years, yantras have been used in the Tantric tradition as visual metaphors for the body of the divine. As expressions of devotion and contemplation, they are similar to Tibetan mandalas in that meditation upon them is tantamount to returning to the primordial fiat of one’s being. Because yantras are comprised of archetypal geometric forms and shapes, they are believed to offer liberation from bondage.

Anonymous tantric painting, Shiva Linga, 1972, Jaipur


Shiva and Shakti- The original Tantric couple

Amazing Fractal 'flower of life'.

Tantric Union - Shiva ~ Shakti (art by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule)

eva hesse drawings


anonymous tantric master's work: a lingam, and a triple training for the eye of the apprentice

Where Love Resides by Carrie Schmitt. www.carrieschmittdesign.com

egon schiele 1910 “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Thích Nhất Hạnh

i dreamt / november 2014 / karolina koryl more EXQUISITEness inside

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alchemical drawings from Sapientia veterum philosophorum, sive doctrina eorumdem de summa et universali medicina

Image detail for -melancholiceuphoria: Jakob Bohme, 1682. - jackmalaka

Galileo's first drawing of the moon