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Philosophers Scholars

Muslim Philosophers

Islamic Miniature

Miniature Art

Art Islam

Islamic Philosopher

Religio Art

Islamic Art

Mystic Ibn

The red sulphur

All Seeing Eye

Inspiration Je

Design Type Photography Art

Evil Eyes

Intuitive Art

Wear Black




Illustration from a book by German mystic Jakob Boehme (1575 – 1624). The text reads "the longer, the better."

1905 1906

High Priestess

Pagan Priestess






The O'Jays

Gwaschemasch'e Efendi - "Priestess of the Great Mother, Protector of Mnajdra" Icon image from 1905/1906 #occult #vintage #priestess

Alchemy Les

Life Alchemy

Occult Esoterism Alchemy

The Occult

Symbols Study

Greek Symbols

Alchemy Illustrations

Esoteric Illustration

The 7 Wonders

Images of the Occult

424 640

Moon Map

Moon Moon

Archangel Sigils

Palmistry Tattoo

Palmistry Symbols

St Germain

Tattoo Sacred Geometry

Geometry Symbols

Mystic art

Collection Alchemy

Hall Collection

Mysticism Esoteric Alchemy

Alchemy Arcane

Death Mysticism

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemical Album

Alchemical Secrets

Alchemical Dragon

From "The Vessels of Hermes" – an Alchemical Album (ca.1700), from the Manly Palmer Hall Collection of Alchemical Manuscripts.

File Behzad

Behzad S

Persian Sufis

Ascetic Artist

Islamic Miniature Art

Persian Miniature

ایرانیIrainian Miniature

Ottoman Miniature

Behzad Kamaleddin Miniatures

Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād gives advice to a respected Sufi mystic 16's

Bonanzafrom Bonanza

Enochian Magnum Opus Vessels

Queen Alchemy

Alchemy Spell

Mester Smith

Mester Mester

Red King

King White

Vessels Boudica777

Spell Liz

Magnum Opus Alchemy

Philosophers' Stone Great Work Rebis Red King White Queen Alchemy Spell @Liz Mester Mester smith

Scholars 1901

Arab Scholars

Oriental Paintings

Paintings Art

Oreantalists Painting

Paint Art

1901 Ludwig

Ludwig German

1855 1935

Cave to Canvas, Ludwig Deutsch, The Scholars, 1901

Alchemy 15Th

Alchemy Magic

Century Forma

15Th Century

Red Amp

Amp Black

Crucified Body

Woman Supports

Men Crown

Alchemy 15th century Forma Speculi Trinitae- in the centre two men crown a woman, beneath is a shield on which a woman supports the crucified body of Christ; at the four corners are the symbols of the Evangelists, Rhymed explanations in red & black; some also in Latin.

Orange Loon

Hot Orange

Fiery Orange

Orange Babe

Orange Ets

Orange Crushed

Orange Dreams

Juicy Orange

Burnt Orange

Orange Archway

Red Fort Agra

Red Fort India

Amber Fort Jaipur

Red Fort Delhi

India Agra

India Delhi


Indian India

India Tourism

The Red Fort, Agra, India built in 1565 ~ UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mystics Monks

Mystic Rumi

Mysticism Alchemy

Whirling Dervish

Whirling Derwishes


Famous Persian

Persian Poet

Early Science

One of the followers of the path of famous Persian poet and mystic Rumi -- a whirling dervish--from Love of the Prophet - Rumi

Trismosin Splendor

Splendor Solis

Stone Salt

Philosopher'S Stone

Alchemy Magic

Jung Alchemy

Alchemical Flask

Alchemical Symbols

Alchemy Symbols

"A three headed monster in an alchemical flask, representing the composition of the alchemical philosopher's stone: Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury." Watercolor painting from Salomon Trismosin's 'Splendor solis'.

Banners Broker

Allah Code

Weird Pins


Islamic Calligraphy

Art Tiles

Islamic Art

Sketch Books

Middle East

islamic art

Arabic Islamic Art

Islamic Arts

Islamic Quotes

Christiancross Islamic

Arabic Calligraphy Type

Quranic Calligraphy

Arabic Artwork

Islamic Contemporary

Beautiful Islamic

Islamic calligraphy.

Emir Hasan

Hasan El

Ottoman Manuscript

Manuscript MetaliʿÜ

Ibn Emir

Emir Su

Moon Ottoman

Islamic Manuscripts

Ottoman Astronomer

« Phases de la lune », dans Muhammed ibn Emir Hasan al-Su'udi. Matâli el-saadet,

Esoteric Ideas

Esoteric Images

Esoteric Art

Metaphysical Images

Esoteric Routes

Esoteric Order

Yggdrasil Artist

Yggdrasil Tree

Conscious Books Movies

☤alquimia - Mystic Deer Glass

York Fletcher

Fletcher Fund

Paper Fletcher

Miniature Paintings

Miniature Art

Islamic Miniature

Prince Folio

210 28

Afghanistan Herat

The Beggar Who Professed His Love for a Prince: Folio from the Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds) of Farid al-Din 'Attar, Timurid period (1370–1507), dated A.H. 892 / A.D. 1487 Present-day Afghanistan, Herat

Miniature Paintings

Miniature Art

Ottoman Miniature

Culture Islamic

Islamic Art

The Culture

Christiancross Portrait

Islam Portrait

Sultan Mustafa

Portrait of Sultan Mustafa I, early 18th century. Turkey. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Friends of Islamic Art Gifts, 2012 (2012.135) #mustache #movember

Blue Hand

2007 Photography

Astrology Art

Journal Pages

Art Journal

Journal Covers

Journaling Art

Book Covers

Star Chart

one small cosmos (and a cup of tea) by paula as mail art to her friend jeanne ..