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  • Mariah Noël Gregory

    Wisdom for life.

  • Melissa Harris

    ways to stay creative. #life #living #advice #creativity


    33 Ways To Stay Creative Looking for more life inspiration? Please take a moment to visit our new community quotes, life, beautiful stories,motivation, art, photos

  • Ronald Lindeboom

    Creativity happens not because we say "I am going to be creative now" but because we are reinterpreting life as we see it around us. If you never get out of your rut, the chances of innovative creativity are remote. Kathlyn and I have for months been watching Korean historical drama almost exclusively. Captivating and inspiring. Learn new cultures. Open up to new ideas. Try to appreciate music that you don't like and try to see what others see in it. Don't define yourself, refine yourself.

  • Paige Smith

    Stay Creative! kind of ironic that I am posting this online and I totally agree with "get away from the computer" love these ideas (thought I was wierd to read a page of the dictionary!)

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