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    The 5 Best Foods You Aren't Eating

    by Katie Farmand
    Even if you’re the poster child for healthy eating, you’ll eventually grow tired of green tea, almonds, and Greek yogurt. And that’s fine, because your local store is stocked with lesser-known superfoods that pack a serious nutritional punch—and deserve a spot on your plate.
    • Cindy Emmons

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    • Natasha Gillmore

      A study published in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” found that you can replace 25 percent of the oil or egg in a cake recipe with chia gel without impacting taste or texture. This simple change increases omega-3 fat in the final cake threefold. The study attempted to replace 50 and 75 percent of the oil and egg, which did increase the omega-3s even more, but found the end products were not as appealing to tasters.

    • Amanda

      The 5 Healthiest Foods You Aren't Eating

    • Critter Spigot

      5 Little Known Health Foods You May Not Have Heard Of: nutritional yeast, chia seeds, kefir, hemp, and black garlic.

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