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Yup! Slowly discovering such undeserving friends....As you grow older, your true friends are there every step of the way. (:

So true! Only a true friend or significant other would accept you for who you are.

Don't stop dreaming

bane poster.


halsted tights.

i'm not even country, but I love these.

kaleidoball beret.

kingsley felted fedora.

blonde with beret.



iQ gift box.

mockingjay pin.

original silly putty.

I survived t-shirts.

the sandlot.

community tee shirt.

tee shirt.

coeur necklace.

snowdrop chandeliers.

flower bud necklace.

crystal headband.

aux anysetiers du roy chocolate fondues. (also in dark chocolate, dark chocolate with fleur de sel, and dark chocolate with orange)

belgian classic holiday box.