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With only the bride and groom in color. Looks like a moment frozen in time...

With only the bride and groom in color, it really emphasized the purpose of a photo--a moment frozen in time. It really seems like time is standing still in the photo. I love this photo idea!

Wedding photography poses

©Eternal Reflections Photography Luxury Edmonton International Wedding photography royal alberta museum wedding photographer This is how wedding photos should look.

"I love photos of the mom, sisters, or bridesmaids helping the bride into her gown. It's such a sentimental moment!" Schoneveld says. A messy room can ruin the shot, so she recommends having your loved ones clear away any random items — bags, clothes, curling irons, etc. — from the background first.Related: 50 Must-Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

50 Photos to Take of Your Wedding Dress

I love photos of the mom, sisters, or bridesmaids helping the bride into her gown. It's such a sentimental moment!

58 save the date ideas! Why are other couples so cute? Haha.

58 Creative Save-the-dates

Have 2 photographers... One to get the bride's entrance and one to get the groom's reaction to her

When these grooms saw their brides for the first time. I love pictures that capture amazing groom reactions. Must make the bride feel that much more special ♡

Sexy wedding photography

after "I do".Amazing shot for the bedroom. I hope my future husband likes this ; Cool for a bedside pic!

The first look. Make sure your photographer captures THIS moment.

This is on my top 10 must have pictures of the wedding. there is plenty of time to het pictures of me walking down the isle! Grooms seeing their brides on their wedding days for the first time… I want this moment captured on my wedding day

Football and weddings.  Bridal party photo ideas  College football on your wedding day

- Especially if wedding is during College football season! Must have wedding photos! Bride hiking the bouquet like a football with the groom and groomsmen Keywords: must have wedding photos poses bride hiking bouquet

Tons of photo ideas here.

17 Useful Wedding Cheat Sheets For Any Bride-To-Be

Walsh : some funny ideas: 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal (I love

Returning to the spot where your wedding pictures were taken to do a maternity shoot. I rarely find wedding and/or maternity portraits special or unique, but this is a really sweet idea.

this couple returned to the spot where their wedding photos were taken to capture another milestone.I am not one to post wedding ideas but this made my heart melt. Such a beautiful idea.

They recreated scenes from The Notebook and used them as their engagement pictures. In think I'm going to die this is so cute.

The Notebook inspired engagement photos. Haha I really thought it was the Notebook pictures! so cute

Love this bridal party photo idea! #bridesmaids #chicagoweddingplanner

Picking Bridesmaids: How to Choose Bridesmaids

Fun Bridal Party Photos to Capture! Take a look at our collection of another 21 cute and fun wedding party photo poses like these for you and your bridesmaids to try! Apart from the traditional bridal party portraits, place a few Read More.

This is such a beautiful picture. I like cant even rn

Sky Lanterns

- One time use only - Cream color lantern - biodegradable material Sky Lanterns can be described as miniature hot-air balloons.

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16 Funny Wedding Photos

Take a look at the best funny wedding photography in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! Best man and maid of honor with bride and groom. Kaptivated pixels photography Image source This is funny… Continue Reading →

Everyone always talks about the picture of the groom seeing her, never about the picture of the dad seeing her for the first time.

Everybody talks about a pic of when the groom first sees the bride, but don't forget about a picture when Dad first sees her! My favorite part of the wedding is watching the groom see the bride. now it's also the dad seeing the daughter