I want my map to look like this. First of all, I want a pin map.

heart + bleecker: sunday morning

Not All Who Wander Are Lost World Map Pin by AllNaturalElements

Top 150 Popular Destinations Around The World According To Locals

150 Ways To Avoid Some Major Tourist Traps

Top 150 Secret Destinations: The Definitive Local Travel Guide [Infographic] - Locals recommend the best tourist spots in their home cities.

I want to get a map, pin it by the corners onto a cork board, and start keeping track of all the places I go. If I don't, I know I will forget.

A great infographic on the history of the road trip + how to prepare for one. #travel #roadtrip

Roadtrip across America: 11 essential road trip routes + tips & facts. One thing on my bucket list is to do this, as soon as I sell a million perfect penguin pebbles!

Travel - Click image to find more Illustrations  Posters Pinterest pins

I have itchy feet-wanderlust-the travel bug-I don't know when I will be able to travel, with my medical school plans and all, but someday I'm going to just GO. Wanna Come? Look @ all the places I want to go on my travel board!