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    Raichlen's Burgers by Steven Raichlen,

    Favorite Farmers Market Recipes by Kent Lorentzen,

    Beef and Other Meat Jerky Recipes by Deborah Dolen by Deborah Dolen,

    Simple Chinese Homestyle Cooking (Chinese Homestyle Recipes) by Ming Liu,

    Family Favorite Desserts by Sarah J. Larson,

    Breakfast in a Flash (Fast Food From Home) by Amy Clark,

    A Foodie's Guide to Yummy Appetizer & Snack Recipes by Dante Morelli,

    Moon Signs (Moon Mystery Series) by Helen Haught Fanick,

    30 Delicious Refrigerator Cake Recipes by Lori Burke,

    The Remnant - Stories of the Jewish Resistance in WWII (Boomer Book Series) by Othniel J. Seiden,

    Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer by Aaron Tabor MD,

    Fireborn: Ritual of Fire by Jordan Ellinger. $6.99. yourdailydream.or.... Publisher: Fantasy Flight Publishing (December 27, 2012)

    The Bastard: The Kent Family Chronicles (Book One) by John Jakes. $12.75. yourdailydream.or.... Publisher: Open Road (July 10, 2012). 547 pages

    VampCon by Armand Inezian. $3.50. yourdailydream.or.... Author: Armand Inezian. Publisher: Greyhart Press (September 22, 2012). 310 pages

    Kitty Corner #4: Domino by Ellen Miles. $3.31. yourdailydream.or.... Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks; Original edition (February 1, 2012). 96 pages. From the bestselling author of THE PUPPY PLACE!Mia and Michael Battelli would love a kitty of their very own. But until their family is ready for a full-time pet, they foster cats and kittens. They give them lots of love and attention, and help these cute kitties find the perfe...

    Wayback by Sam Batterman. $8.86. yourdailydream.or.... Publisher: VMI Publishers (May 1, 2009). 320 pages. A mysterious Nazi super weapon, hidden for more than 60 years, has been discovered by members of a reclusive, private think tank and perfected using modern technology. This fully realized and reliable device is so powerful, so provocative, that the basic beliefs of science, history and religion could be overturned in an in...

    Like A Virgin by Richard Branson. $12.29. yourdailydream.or...

    Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. $1.89. yourdailydream.or...

    Touching Tomorrow by Mary LoVerde. $7.59. yourdailydream.or.... Author: Mary LoVerde. Publisher: Touchstone; Original edition (April 15, 2002). 144 pages. What does your mother remember about her first kiss? What's the first thing your father tells himself every morning? By the time we are adults, it is all too easy to look at our parents and grandparents as though their lives have been miles removed from our own, causing a communicati...

    Dark Places by Shaun Allan. $2.49. Publisher: Myrddin Publishing Group (October 9, 2012). Author: Shaun Allan. 153 pages

    Slow Coast Home by Josie Dew. $12.51. Publisher: Hachette Digital; New Ed edition (April 7, 2011). 526 pages