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Full Moon Prayer

Full Moon Prayer *i'm from the water tribe, so I love the Moon (insert nerd joke here.

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It's a full moon tonight! So get burning

Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess: Lady of the silver moon, watch over me this night, Guide my words and actions, and keep me within your sight. I thank you for your love and for protecting me from strife. I honor you for bringing charm and magick to my life.

April New Moon Chant

New moon chant to the dark goddess

The June Full Moon is all about our dream world and our creativity.*

June Full Moon - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy.

Full Moon Release

Full Moon Release ~ a great time to get rid of the trash.

For the New Year

A Pagan Prayer for the New Year

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new moon intentions, luna prayer

Calming chant

Calming chant, Boy, I need this one sometimes*

Bedtime Blessing

Bedtime Blessing Post-It Note Tuesdays: Edition 6

I have found the Goddess in myself and I love her fiercely

Daily Prayer to the Goddess. Great for pagan children to learn as a daily prayer.

Storm Moon @blair_lisle

February full moon meaning.

The Moon - October Full Moon

The Moon - October Full Moon

Full Moon & New Moon gathering intention & ceremony ideas from…

Full Moon & New Moon gathering intention & ceremony ideas

Many moons

The moon has 8 main phases. The phase of the moon can affect the strength of your spell and even your personality.


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