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Cristina Penescu was born in Bucharest in the late Her love for art and nature began during early childhood. This love of nature is reflected deeply in her

Aaaaroooooo - SAVE THE WOLVES

What happens to the hero’s journey in an age of ecological crisis? What relevance has it now? How do we need to revision it?

Wolf form : Photo

I'm not sure what my opinion is on spirit animals/power animals/animal totems (not sure what the correct term is) but today was one of the many days I've been told mine is a wolf. I love wolves :)


Os animais abstratos e geométricos de Kerby Rosanes

culturenlifestyle: “Intricate Geometric Animal Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes Kerby Rosanes aka Sketchy Stories is an illustrator from Manila, Philippines. The young sketch artist specializing in.


60 Awesome wolf tattoos + more about the meaning of wolves. Designs include tribal and howling wolves, wolf head and paw tattoos.


thatwanderinglonewolf: White Wolves by Veronika Rojova (A well traveled woman)

wolf love  - Pesquisa Google

Wolf Catcher submitted the melancholic instrumental effort "Whisper" with the additional comment that he was "feeling sad today." Ah, artistic sadness.

Resultado de imagem para Sleeve Tattoos

A majestic looking sleeve tattoo. The tattoo shows a face of a wolf who is seemingly ready for an attack and has sheer determination n the eyes. Below it are two more wolves engaging in a fierce battle for superiority.

Esta es la Ley de la Selva

Sweet Medicine: Wolf Medicine is TEACHER - I love my Wolf Guide! motivationsforlife: Aggression by Anne-Marie Kalus // Edited by.