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Green is the color of Nature and rejuvenation. Burning a green candle stimulates finances, brings good fortune, prosperity, luck & success! It's magic is renewal and balance. It can also be used to counteract greed & jealousy. So magical

INCENSOS E SUAS PROPRIEDADES: MIRRA - Místico, energias negativas, eleva o espírito, sorte e sucesso | MEL - Prosperidade, amor, ansiedade, perseverança, para objetivos complicados | MORANGO - Alegria, sensualidade e prestígio | ÓPIUM - Energiza o ambiente, próprio para recitar mantras | PATCHOULI - Para despertar grandes paixões, quebra feitiço, exorcismo, remoção de obstáculos | ROSAS - Meditação, amor, felicidade, rituais, concentração.

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Most popular tags for this image include: witch, crystal, gypsy, herbs and lavender. I can't believe how much lavender they've displayed.

Un poster en hauteur pour évoquer l'ambiance d'un séjour tout ça appelle à la méditation

Frankincense - Meditation through ritual requires the proper incense- The frankincense is the very best, and soothing way to ritualize your unique spiritual experiences.


Sandalwood is a common smell at my place--spirituality, healing, protection, astral projection, exorcism

Natural Copal Incense, View the Best Natural Copal Incense from Energy Muse Now

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Lookie, look, look;) stone at mid/lower left. Natural Copal Incense, View the Best Natural Copal Incense from Energy Muse Now

13. Incense: We don't burn incense as much anymore but I still have memories of the smell of incense burning in the house. And now I will probably burn it in my house. I hope Kunal doesn't mind! Haha.

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Lotus incense - cleansing of auras, spiritual awakening. Use a lotus plant for incense

Use Mediation an Burning incense to help create powerful good energy to enter your life.

Use Mediation and burn incense to help create powerful good energy to enter your life.

Palo Santo significa ” madeira sagrada “. Esta árvore vive na região sul-americana do Peru, Equador, Bolívia e Mato Grosso, no Brasil, amplamente utilizado por antigas culturas pré-hisp…

Palo Santo: o poder medicinal e terapêutico da madeira sagrada

When it comes to positive versus negative energy, I fall into the camp of knowing I& take all the help I can get. And when it comes to my home and workspace, inviting in good energy seems like a very.


a quick guide to Tarot card meanings - a cheat sheet for tea weekend :)


wiccateachings: “ Tomorrow is a New Moon, this is the perfect time to do a smudge of yourself and your home. If you feel heavy with negative energy or if you have unwanted entities in your home, smudging will expel them.