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When was the last time you tried building a "personal relationship" with a middle eastern warlord who advocates religious terrorists who commands the annihilation of cities who orders the murder of children who demands the rape of virgin girls who affords no rights to woman, and who has murdered nearly 20 million people? for most christians... it was last sunday.

The things humans do in the name of God. All throughout history man has been truly evil to fellow man in the name of God. My God is about love and understanding and compassion.

gawd's (ever-changing) unwavering truth-iness.

BTW, I'd strongly recommend reading "When God Was a Woman" for insight on the beginnings of the Abrahamic religions . and what the founders did to the more advanced and peaceful peoples whose land they conquered and beliefs they trampled.

But…the Bible is the source of all morality???

Bible written by men. First and foremost, the Hebrew Bible understands adultery as a crime of property. - An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible- A Thematic Approach. (Adultery = consent, Rape does NOT)

The very idea of a Hell created by a 'loving' god sickens me.

Robert Green Ingersoll, one of the most insightful human beings on the absurdity of Christianity, and organized religions in general.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science. Religion has no place in society today. We are now capable of scientific exploration - the more we rely on a magical fairy in the sky, the further behind we're going to be.

Practically everything is a metaphor in the Bible, it doesn't take science to tell us that

It was how they saw the world work before science disproved it, now its a metaphor.


"Irrelevant" means I'm guided by my conscious and my own humane understanding of what is right & wrong - NOT a "God" that has been proven to exist.

."How absurd that a god would become human just to sacrifice himself to himself in order to create a loophole for a rule that he created." -Roger Boden

That is about the time our fundamentalist christian elders started telling me that questions come from the devil.