Beach wedding photo idea -- I would love this but with a bit of the dress peaking down too.. As long as my toes are hidden by sand and water:)



haha add 20 years and this is pretty much waht our "first kiss" picture looks like at our wedding :)

Promise me you'll never leave me. Promise me Brahms, Beethoven, Breakfast, homework, and laundry. Promise me sleepless nights and good morning kisses, promise me we will grow old together, promise me eternity...

kiss me!


Nothin better than a good 'n' worn pair of blue jeans…. Well… I guess 2 pairs are better.

Adorable Kisses

Eternity. Never fall out of love- just fall more in love

Long walks on the beach together...

so beautiful

Beach picture idea


Such a cute shot

Sorry I don't know the source! Reflections

Love that this was taken through the window...

- lovely couple, smile and kiss -