Front Loading Washer Maintenance

Here is the easiest way to clean your washer ...all it takes is ONE ingredient and a few minutes to leave your washer smelling squeaky clean.

Naturally repair wood - Mix 3/4 cup canola oil & 1/4 cup vinegar together & rub onto wood... Do not wipe it off, the wood will absorb it...

How to Get Rid of Mold on a Rubber Gasket Front Load Washer | eHow

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Enclosed Washer and Dryer | Laundry room features built-in cabinets encasing a silver front-load washer and dryer accented with pull out trays sandwiched between cabinets above and stacked drawers below.

DIY deodorizing disks (for trashcans, diaper pails, etc.). They last for a month and when done throw them into the laundry with a load of your smelliest clothes for deodorizing. Awesome!

Washer/Dryer Pedestals - A washer/dryer pedestal made of wood to bring your front load laundry system to a back-friendly height.

DIY hard water stains remover. Only need THREE ingredients!

Making your own laundry detergent can really save you money. This diy laundry soap cost only pennies per load and cleans really well. I’ve been using it for years now and it worked great in my top loading washer and works just as good in my front loading washer too.

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How to Clean Your Top-Loading Washer. How can you expect to get clean clothes from a dirty washer?? This process will have your washer working as well as the day you bought it!!

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Keep your front-loading washer free from mold and mildew with our cleaning tips!

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How to clean your front load washer.

Get rid of mold & mildew on the walls with vinegar and baking soda.

Once a month, add a cup of Distilled White Vinegar and a cup of baking soda during the HOT cleaning cycle. pour them directly into the drum....

I am in heaven - I saw it on somebody else's pinterest, but can't remember who - i did the white vinegar and dawn dish soap to clean the shower tonight. AMAZING!!!!!!! I did one cup each. Put it in a squirt bottle, shook it up - sprayed it on and let it sit for about an hour - came back and with a soft sponge, it wiped right off!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

laundry platform... We will be making this sometime within the month =0} Link for the How-to:

If your towels are not smelling nearly as fresh as they once did, you might have build up! Find out how to strip them clean and get those pesky odors out of them once and for all!!!