Nutella pretzel brownies! Sounds like a great sweet and salty combo.

Nutella Pretzel Brownies...Whaaaa?? YUM!

Nutella Puppy Chow!

S’mores Brownies

Nutella Brownies - super easy and amazing!

Sweet & Salty No Bake Nutella & Pretzel Cookies

1 can of pumpkin and 1 box of brownie mix - that's it!

Nutella Baklava

Blondie Brownies

Nutella macaron

Cream Cheese Brownies

"Take 5" brownies - PB, pretzel, caramel and brownies. Yes, Please!

nutella. nutella. nutella.

Nutella Brownies

nutella, nutella, nutella!

Brownie bites with peanut butter frosting. The frosting is to die for! Sounds like HEAVEN!!

Salted caramel/pretzels brownies

Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle

pretzel crust, peanut butter cups, and brownies on top!!!! wow

Candy Cane Brownies Recipe 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel Make the brownies then wrap in the towel and give as a gift!

Love Nutella, Love Brownies!