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    • Georgette Woo

      Called “feathered apes” for their simian like smarts, crows use tools, understand physics, and recognize themselves and humans. But new research suggests that the brainy birds may be even smarter than was previously thought. Given a complex problem and an assortment of tools, New Caledonian crows came up with a creative solution that hints at higher-order thinking…; and they used to say our ability to use tools is what separates humans from animals.

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    Tooling around. The New Caledonian crow—shown here with a tool it crafted—is capable of high-level cognition, researchers report.Credit: Behavioral Ecology Research Group, Oxford

    Dan's Native American Totem- The Raven ♥ Sep 22 - Oct 22 Birth Moon: Ducks Fly Animal Totem: Raven Mineral Totem: Jasper (Bloodstone) Plant Totem: Mullein Directional Totem: Grizzly Bear Elemental Clan Totem: Butterfly Affinity Color: Brown Personality Traits: tolerant, talkative, pleasant, idealistic, diplomatic, cheerful, fun, artistic, tidy, efficient, easy-going, tactful ♥

    Favorite bird-Corvids are only perching birds who use feet to hold on while roosting and can use feet to carry things. Crow in flight by russell.tomlin on flickr.

    Common Raven Corvus corax Pair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The Watcher! - Photographer: Christopher Mark Perez

    Crows make a wide variety of calls or vocalizations. Crows have also been observed to respond to calls of other species

    Crows in a Row | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Crow hanging out in a tree. This stretch is bird body language for "I'm relaxed and happy."

    crow at Clapham Common. I know a dog who does not like crows.. watch out crow.

    "Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds!" Luke 12:24

    If you have a crow as a totem, you need to be willing to walk your talk and speak your truth. You must put aside your fear of being a voice in the wilderness and "caw" the shots as you see them. Crow is an omen of change. If he keeps appearing to you he may be telling you that you have a powerful voice when addressing issues that you do not quite understand or feel that they are out of balance.

    crow WAY TO MUCH CHATTER!!!!!!!!! Rebecca Suitter