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  • Arialle Renee

    HP Periodic Table of Characters #HarryPotter #Potterhead

  • Carrie Rheingans

    Nerdy on so many levels! 'Harry Potter' Periodic Table Of Elements: The 117 Elements Known To Wizards

  • Best Infographics

    harry Potter Periodic Table This Harry Potter table displays all of the characters in the books in once easy to read table. I like how the colors match the houses within the books. Also it is labeled well which helps the reader find any character easily.

  • Amy Stoddard

    Harry Potter Periodic Table! this is probably one of the most nerdy awesome things i have ever seen!

  • Samantha Hively

    Harry Potter Periodic table. Who thinks of this stuff?

  • Ashlyn Stewart

    Periodic table of Harry Potter characters. I can't believe someone took the time to make this, but it's awesome.

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